March PTA Meeting 3/15/18

PTA Meeting Minutes, Thursday, March 15, 2018 Prior meeting minutes approved.

The meeting began at 7:30 pm with a welcome from Barnard PTA President Bryan Grossbauer and an open discussion with New Rochelle Board of Education President Rachel Relkin and Board Member Todd Kern. Mr. Kern advised that there are two (2) positions presently available to be filed in the upcoming May 2018 election. Mr. Kern explained the terms of the board members and the positions held presently.

Both Mr. Kern and Ms. Relkin updated our PTA members of the Appointment of the Task Force and the initiation of the District wide Audit. The goals of these endeavors are for improvement of safety and security as well as improved communication between the different City, School Administrators, Students and Parents. The Audit will span 6 weeks and will include all schools in the district to see where improvement is needed as well as implementation. Many individual questions regarding high school data, resources for students with repetitive in house suspensions and the Board of Education Mission Station and Strategic Roadmap were answered. Additionally, between the hours of 1-5 pm, Youth Bureau personnel will be present on North Avenue interacting with students and providing information about resources available.

Dr. Cracco was also present and provided an update as to Barnard’s security personnel which includes Tony and a new additional security agent, Tommy who is present during the busy morning hours. Dr. Cracco further provided an update on the World Language Committee’s current undertaking to propose and implement a consistent and equitable foreign language program among all the New Rochelle Elementary Schools. A presentation was made by Dr. Cracco outlining and explaining the 3 different potential options under consideration and their implications specifically to Barnard and its FLES Program.

Bryan Grossbauer updated all on recent programs and upcoming events. A call for volunteers/chairpersons was made for the June Carnival, Bingo Night, Second Grade Picnic and Nominating Committee for next year’s PTA Board members.

Upcoming Events/Dates to Remember:

Bingo Night – March 23, 2018
Staff Appreciation Luncheon – March 19, 2018 Spring Dance – April 13, 2018
Spring Cleanup Amy’s Greenhouse – April 22, 2018 PTA Meeting – April 26, 2018 at 7:30 pm
Spring Dance – April 13, 2018
Sports Night – April 27, 2018

PTA needs committed volunteers to make it a great experience for our children and a successful year at Barnard.