September 20th 2018 PTA Meeting Notes

PTA Minutes

September 20th, 2018 / 7:00 pm /Barnard Library

Meeting Adjourned 7:52


Executive Board

Principle- Dr. Cracco

Staff- Kathleen Connolly



Welcome and Introductions

Co-president Bryan Grossbauer began meeting promptly at 7:05. He introduced himself and welcomed everyone. Co- president- Alvard Mayilyan, Vice president- Rebecca Kramer, Treasurer- Senada Omeroric and Secretary – Yesenia Flores all introduced themselves and welcomed all attendees. Parents present, introduced themselves as well. Principle Dr. Cracco, was present and introduced himself to parents along with Pre-K teacher and Amy’s Greenhouse Chair, Kathleen Connolly.


Principles Update

Dr. Cracco stated that he usually will have a topic to talk about during each PTA meeting. Being that school just started there was no specific topic.  He is very enthusiastic about this school year! He also mentioned that for the first time ever, Pre-K classes began on the same day as K-2nd grade classes.

PTA is trying to go Green the whole year during all events. Trying to reduce garbage and make a difference in the environment.

Bryan, also invited and encouraged parents not on board to to become PTA-C reps. PTA council is a group that meets in the high school with all the PTA’s from the district. They advocate for all children in the district.

Amy’s Greenhouse-  Bryan began conversation about Amy’s greenhouse needing parent Reps. Kathleen Connolly followed to say she has been working very hard (along with other staff) to prepare and maintain the greenhouse as an outside classroom. There are many projects she has up-cycled in the greenhouse and currently has a caterpillar/Monarch butterfly exhibit. The 911 ceremony in Amy’s honor was attended by Amy’s mother and community leaders. Second grade students also performed.  Kathleen mentioned that she has received seed donations and start up materials (planting pots) from generous companies. She would like parents to help and become involved in the greenhouse. More information to follow.

Fundraisers such as Charleston Wrap is a major fundraiser for the school. We also rely on Box Tops, Merchandise sale, Book Fair , and Movie Night. Bryan asked for volunteers to Chair fundraisers and events. Fundraisers are need to support field trips and teacher grants. Last year PTA paid for the entire Italian field trip and gave the largest teacher grants.   


Vote for Budget 2018-2019

Budget was proposed and voted on.

Final decision- Approved

All in favor

Treasurer Update

Approved Budget


VP Update

Rebecca Kramer asked parents to make suggestions for new ideas, to give us feedback and for Pre-K parents to be involved. She also suggested that teachers work more closely with PTA.


Secretary Update

Yesenia Flores encouraged Hispanic speaking families to participate. She is willing to translate and would like to see more involvement from families.

Parent posed question as to why Hispanic families are not volunteering.

Factors may include location, language barrier, among others.

After school update

YMCA after school care  was cancelled due to low enrollment

Membership Chair Update

Carla Vanerio is the new membership chair. Membership is low. Dr. Cracco said that Barnard represents all the demographics of the New Rochelle School system (socio-economic). How can we break down barriers? All have equal access? Barnard PTA wants all backgrounds to be represented and PTA fights and advocates for all our children to get the best!


Upcoming Events

  1. Movie Night- 09/28/18 Coco @6:30
  2. Pumpkin Patch- 10/13/18  10:00-2:00

We need volunteers to unload donated pumpkins

during event and for the costume parade, pumpkin painting,

and  snack sale.

Sign up!

       3) Halloween Party-10/26/18 6:00-8:00


Open Positions

PTA-C, Event Chairs, Book Fair & Apple Press