November PTA Meeting 2019

PTA November Meeting

Henry Barnard Early Childhood Center

PTA meeting Minutes

Nov. 2019

Start time: 7:00/End time 8:00

Welcome and Introduction

The PTA co-presidents Kate Mercado and Rebecca Kramer commenced the meeting by welcoming the attendees and thanking them for their attendance. 

Principal’s Update

Dr. Cracco informed everyone of Friday’s assembly supporting P.B.IS. (Positive Behavior initiative Supports. The assembly focused on teaching students the importance of kindness and respect. 

Letters to families will go out for any family t Barnard that need food or warm clothing over the holidays. The administration will be reaching out to families soon.

American Education Week is November 22, 2019. Dr. Cracco mentioned to check with teachers about the event happening in your child’s classroom. More information will be provided.

Next FRiday is Barnard school spirit day. Students should wear their Barnard gear of blue and white colors.

Cracco thanked the The Election Day bake sale volunteers. The Bake sale was a success and the donations of food were well received.

Co-President update

Rebecca Kramer participated in the NYS PTA convention. There were various workshops and lectures she attended to learn about communication with schools and parents and generally empowering and educating parents through utilization of your local PTA. Rebecca Kramer also explained possible field trip resources for our teachers and how to enhance our PTA program through teacher involvement. 

Treasurer Update

We raised $1,057 from the Halloween party, $358 from the Election day bake sale, $1402 from Amy’s Greenhouse, Merchandise sales of about $800. We have in savings $14,000

Membership Update

We still need to Improve membership. Suggestions from the group on how to do this included dropping membership fee for a week so families could sign up for free and an emphasis on if a parents pays their 10 dues there is no pressure to volunteer for events. Also, in order to improve teacher membership teachers can receive grants for their classes only is they are part of the PTA. 

Upcoming Events

Friday Nov, 22: Movie night Toy Story 4 is and donations are needed such as nut free snacks and water. Use sign up genius to volunteer.

Tuesday Dec. 10-13Penguin PAtch Holiday Shop. Envelopes will be sent home and students can [lan what gifts they will need for friends and family members. More information is to come and volunteers wil be needed to help run the shop.