June 2020- Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2020 Barnard Early Childhood Center PTA Meeting MINUTES via ZOOM

The Meeting was called to order by Kate Mercado, co-president. Attendance was taken and all participants are listed below:

Kate Mercado

Bryan Grossbauer

Rebecca Kramer

Morgan de Rham

Caterina Bonelli

Dr. Nicholas Cracco, Principal

Candice Lee, Assistant Principal

The meeting agenda was shared prior to the meeting and re-posted during the Zoom meeting.

First, Dr. Cracco presented the Principal’s update

-Robo-calls were going out about 2nd grade stepping-up/graduation.

There will be a video of Barnard staff, including the principal and vice principal, sent to the students with a farewell and songs.

-Virtual Visits to the local elementary schools (after Barnard graduation) are sent to the families via Zoom and each school principal will connect virtually to the in-coming Barnard student.

-Arrangements have been made for each student to come to the school to pick-up personal items, classwork, art, projects, left-over items. The schedule for pick-up, arranged by the classroom teacher, is posted on the Barnard website. 

-Students can also drop off books to Mrs. Silverman at the same time. There will be a staff member outside of the school ready to hand out the student’s items to each family.

There was a question about families having students in different classes and hw pick-up would work. Dr. Cracco said that contacting the school, via the front desk, would be best and staff would package all work together to limit the number of trips made to the school.

-The School District will be having a vote on the budget and for open Board member positions. The vote will be by absentee ballot.

-Discussions about re-opening the school in September and the various options for re-opening. The school district and the Superintendent have solicited community feedback and members for various committees. 

-Dr. Cracco will be on a committee working to re-open the school and noted that our schools are full, so there will be capacity-based decisions related to re-opening.

Kate Mercado (Co-president) opened the meeting to nominations for the PTA Board 2020-2021:

Morgan de Rham nominated Kate Mercado for President

Rebecca Kramer nominated Kate Mercado for President

Caterina Bonelli was nominated and accepted the position as the SEPTA Chair and Co-President

Kate Mercado nominated Rebecca Kramer for Treasurer

Morgan de Rham was nominated for and accepted the position as Secretary

There was a quorum established and there was a unanimous vote for the nominees.

The Treasurer’s Report (Bryan Grossbauer):

-The t-shirt mock-up was approved, the t-shirts were going to be delivered on  Friday and set to graduating families. 

-Because of the coronavirus restrictions, there may not be field trips or assemblies next year and our activities/fundraising/school events will be guided by CDC regulations.   There will be socially distant events, possibly more outdoor events.

-Bryan will attend the final school year PTAC meeting and will be a representative for Ward to PTAC during the 2020-2021 year. 

A Motion was made by Morgan de Rham to recognize Bryan Grossbauer’s 6 years of dedication to Barnard and the Barnard PTA.  There will be a ‘celebration/thank-you’ in the fall to recognize his irreplaceable contributions.  

Meeting adjourned.