PTA minutes September Meeting

PTA Meeting (via ZOOM) September 30, 2020- Notes 

President Kate Mercado called the meeting to order. Treasurer Rebecca Kramer, Secretary Morgan de Rham and Vice President Caterina Bonelli were also present. Barnard Principal Dr. Cracco and Assistant Principal Lee were both in attendance. There was a very large turn out on Zoom, with over 55 parents logging onto the meeting. 

The principal’s update: 

Due to a water main repair, the school would not be open the following week. Special education classes would be coming back to the school in person because they are small groups, possibly returning prior to October 19. Two distinct cohorts will be created, the “a” cohort will attend on Monday and Tuesday and the “b” cohort will attend on Thursday and Friday—there will be a virtual Barnard program on Wednesdays for all students. 

An on-line survey went out to the parents to determine what the responses are two every day virtual learning versus hybrid learning. Based on those numbers, they may be reassigning groups to a new teacher. Barnard will look different due to social distancing and spacing requirements. 

The president’s update by Kate Mercado: 

New members are signing up and we will be hosting virtual events after speaking with the other PTAs in our district. 

The treasurer’s report by Rebecca Kramer: 

We received a $100 donation from a former administrator to Amy’s Greenhouse. We have very healthy balances in our checking and savings accounts, totaling more than $21,000. We have paid up our PTA Council dues and we encourage all new members to join our PTA through the online sign-up. We placed a merchandise order with a local New Rochelle business for T-shirts and sweatshirts and masks. We have renewed our website until October 2021. The PTA spends money on the faculty and staff luncheon, field trips, the second grade graduation, the carnival, issuing teacher grants, and the source of our funds are the events we host, picture day, the book fair, and memberships. 

The secretary’s report by Morgan de Rham 

Meeting notes are up on our website. We are requesting ideas for virtual events for our students. 

Question and answer session with the parents and Dr. Cracco: 

Q-What will lunch look like? 

A- In the classroom, but maintaining outdoor recess by using a spread out playground and keeping the classes together so that the students can still get fresh air and a mask break.

Q-What happens to the students who are learning from home when the other students are in the classroom? 

A-when the Monday and Tuesday group is in school the other group will be streaming from home. 

Q-What happens if there is an increase in COVID-19? 

A- Dr. Cracco was on the health committee and conveyed that the New Rochelle school district doctor will lead decision making on medical matters. 

Q-Will the students have art, music and physical education and library during their in person attendance? 

A- We will be following a “push in” model, so that Italian will be brought into the classroom, art will be brought into the classroom, but physical education will be using the gym and be spaced 12 feet apart or will be going outside. 

Q- will there be cleaning after shared use of the facility by the students? 

A- Yes. 

Q- Will face masks be required? 

A- Yes, all students will be required to wear facemasks but there will be mask breaks and students will increase their “mask stamina” over time. 

Q-What about school supplies? 

A- The list that was sent out to parents is not as extensive as in prior years but each teacher will be alerting parents as to the needs for in-person supplies. Contact the school if there are any problems with school materials not received. 

Q-What types of COVID-19 precautions are in place? 

A-There is a temperature device and hand sanitizing station inside the school, the school will follow all the directives from the superintendent and all protocols regarding contact tracing and being symptom-free prior to entering the school. 

Q-How will drop off and pick up work on days when the students are in person? A- It will be similar to prior years, for example the morning pre-K will drop off on the sidewalk. 

Q: will there be bus transportation? 

A: yes, it will start on October 19th. 

Next Meeting- on Zoom – October 15th @7:30pm.