November PTA Mtg Minutes

PTA November Meeting

Henry Barnard Early Childhood Center

PTA meeting Minutes

November 12  2020

Start time: 7:30/End time 8:40

Welcome and Introduction

The PTA president  Kate Mercado commenced the meeting by welcoming the attendees and thanking them for their attendance. 

George Latimer presented Kate Mercado with an award for leadership in the PTA. He made a point of saying how important PTA’s are in bringing school communities together especially around this time during the pandemic. He congratulated Kate on a well deserved and job well done.

The parents in the meeting introduced themselves and congratulated Kate Mercado.

Dr Cracco’s Update

Dr. Cracco informed and updated everyone on COVID response protocols in New Rochelle Public schools with a focus on Barnard. If a student feels sick during school they are immediately taken to the nurses office and sent home. If the student was in class that day all students in that cohort must quarantine until the original student has COVID test results. If the student tests negative then classes can resume. Out of precaution, Dr. Cracco explains, is why there have been spikes in classes going fully virtual for days and also a spike in school closures around Westchester. If the child tests positive anyone that has come in contact with that student and class must quarantine for 14 days. 

Dr . Cracco went on to answer questions. The department of health is keeping records of COVID cases. He also clarified the fact that all these cases so far have come back negative it’s just taken a while to get the tests back. Any student that shows signs of COVID related symptoms must leave school and get a COVID test. He stressed parents have been doing a great job sending their children to school without symptoms. The reason symptoms may occur in school can be nerves or something the student ate that made them feel unwell. Nurse Christina and Nurse Susanna follow up with Dr. Cracco everyday and check with parents whose children have been sent home, assisting them with questions they may need for COVID related questions, where to get tested and receive results.

Temperature checks are taken with hand held devices and body screens to detect a fever before entering the school. So far this is working well. Having the hand held thermometers speed up the process of getting students in the building quickly in the morning. No one can enter the building without a temperature check. 

 Presidents Updates and Upcoming Events

  • There are currently 45 members. Parents are encouraged to sign up for the PTA in member hub or a link to register on facebook.
  • Kate Mercado discussed that the board is looking for District Level PTAC and someone to manage virtual events in place of events that would have happened during a normal year. If anyone is interested please reach out to Kate Mercado or Rebecca Kramer. Volunteers for this will have direct communication with the Interim Superintendent.
  • The Charleston Wrap fundraiser organized by the PTA has raised $390 so far. We encourage parents and families to send family members their child’s Charleston Wrap link. 40% of the proceeds goes directly to the Barnard PTA. The PTA funds go towards events, teacher grants and enrichment programs for our children at Barnard. 
  • School photos will happen April 13 and 15 2021. 
  • We are allowed to partner with local shops to give a proceeds of their profit to Barnard. If you know of a local business that would like to support Barnard please reach out to KAte Mercado
  • Amazon smile: Barnard is allowed to participate in
  • A member added that we can do box tops we are signed up and parent swill need a code to scan the barcodes of the box tops.
  • The Barnard store in memberhub is set up and ready for purchases. A link was sent out to parents. You can purchase Barnard sweatshirts, pants, shirts and masks in time for Barnard Spirit Day on Nov. 20.
  • The virtual Halloween party was a success and we plan to do more virtual events.

Treasury Update

  • Rebecca Kramer gave us the latest budget information.

Current checking is 5,448.31. Savings has $14.801.86  The balance has dropped due purchase of Barnard masks, dues, insurance. Apparel sales will hopefully increase our budget significantly. 

  • The teacher grant for Ms. Sliverman has been approved by the board. We will give 1500 towards her grant which is to purchase more school-to-home library books for Barnard Students. The library was depleted last year because many books were not returned in the Spring after students were sent home during the pandemic. Also, currently many books have to be quarantined for 48 hours before sent out again to students this year. As a result she needs to purchase books for our students. 

Secretary update

Morgan de Rham welcomed everyone to the meeting and encouraged parents to get involved in the PTA by either joining and/or volunteering. If parents have ideas as to events or fundraisers during COVID, since our events are limited, please reach out to Kate Mercado or Rebecca Kramer.

Questions for Dr. Cracco and the Board

Dr. Cracco answered questions regarding the search for a new art teacher and they have found a candidate. More news to come on that. 

Upcoming Events and Fundraisers

PTA Meeting: Dec. 10 at 9:00 am

Charleston Wrap Fundraiser: ongoing

Virtual Pajama Storytime: TBA

(Volunteers to read aloud should reach out to Kate or Rebecca)