PTA December 2020 Meeting via 

Henry Barnard Early Childhood Center

Meeting Minutes

December 10  2020

Start time: 9:00am

Welcome and Introduction

The PTA president  Kate Mercado commenced the meeting by welcoming the attendees and thanking them for their attendance. Treasurer Rebecca Kramer and Principal Dr. Cracco were in attendance.

Dr Cracco’s Update

Dr. Cracco spoke about the upcoming Spirit Day and informed the members about NYS designating “colors” to certain zones where Covid-19 rates are higher and the effect on increased testing requirements to open schools. There are orange/red zones but individual schools are not designated, it is by neighborhood. The color refers only to testing requirements. There are 4 schools in New Rochelle that have the designation of ‘orange’ but Barnard has no color designation, there is no testing required at Barnard to remain open/open to live instruction. 

If the school is designated as orange, there will be a requirement to test 20% of the school, randomly selected and tested by a team of nurses. The School District is looking for on-site testing, rapid testing (less intrusive than the traditional swabbing) and volunteer participants. The School District is also looking into purchasing testing kits through the County of Westchester or the State of New York, with no cost to parents. Dr. Cracco indicated that by examining data regarding attendance, the number of days for instruction, could be increased from 2 days a week to ⅘ days.  The idea of combining the two cohorts was also discussed. The District is looking to see if the cohorts are balanced (ex: cohort A has more students attending, B has less students). The concerns for students in need of additional instruction (below grade level assessments) will also be part of the decision-making. Parents at the meeting voiced concerns about returning to in-person instruction following family tragedies, exposure and the return to normalcy for the children. Dr . Cracco went on to answer questions. 

 President Kate Mercado – Updates and Upcoming Events

  • There are currently 45 members. Parents are encouraged to sign up for the PTA in member hub or a link to register on facebook.
  • The fundraiser through Charleston Wrap raised $991.20 for our PTA but we did not meet the fundraising goal set by Charleston Wrap and will have to pay $275 for materials
  • Kate Mercado attended the PTAC meeting and that provides a direct link to the Interim Superintendent. 
  • Apparel sales are now on-going, through our memberhub on-line store and the coordination of apparel distribution 
  • Any 2021-2022 potential PTA Board members should contact Kate via email for any position they are interested in and the consequence of not having a Board next year would include forfeiting our entire $20,000 savings/checking accounts, all our fundraising efforts would be directed back to the State PTA.  
  • The PTA will host a virtual pajama night storytime on December 18 with separate times for pre-k and K and 1st  and 2nd graders. The link to sign up and read will be distributed. 
  • There is interest in a virtual PAINT NIGHT, with kits distributed to each student signed up and a small portion of the fee (about $5) going to the PTA.  Discussions for the event are underway and interest is high. 

Treasury Update

  • Rebecca Kramer gave us the latest budget information.

Current checking is 5,694.15. Savings has $14.181.98  The balance has dropped due a recent (approved) proposal from Mrs. Silvarman for additional $1500.00 in books for take home reading and our ZOOM membership fees. Apparel sales will hopefully increase our budget significantly. 

  • The NEXT meeting is January 14, 2021 at 7:30pm, VIA ZOOM