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PTA minutes September Meeting

PTA Meeting (via ZOOM) September 30, 2020- Notes 

President Kate Mercado called the meeting to order. Treasurer Rebecca Kramer, Secretary Morgan de Rham and Vice President Caterina Bonelli were also present. Barnard Principal Dr. Cracco and Assistant Principal Lee were both in attendance. There was a very large turn out on Zoom, with over 55 parents logging onto the meeting. 

The principal’s update: 

Due to a water main repair, the school would not be open the following week. Special education classes would be coming back to the school in person because they are small groups, possibly returning prior to October 19. Two distinct cohorts will be created, the “a” cohort will attend on Monday and Tuesday and the “b” cohort will attend on Thursday and Friday—there will be a virtual Barnard program on Wednesdays for all students. 

An on-line survey went out to the parents to determine what the responses are two every day virtual learning versus hybrid learning. Based on those numbers, they may be reassigning groups to a new teacher. Barnard will look different due to social distancing and spacing requirements. 

The president’s update by Kate Mercado: 

New members are signing up and we will be hosting virtual events after speaking with the other PTAs in our district. 

The treasurer’s report by Rebecca Kramer: 

We received a $100 donation from a former administrator to Amy’s Greenhouse. We have very healthy balances in our checking and savings accounts, totaling more than $21,000. We have paid up our PTA Council dues and we encourage all new members to join our PTA through the online sign-up. We placed a merchandise order with a local New Rochelle business for T-shirts and sweatshirts and masks. We have renewed our website until October 2021. The PTA spends money on the faculty and staff luncheon, field trips, the second grade graduation, the carnival, issuing teacher grants, and the source of our funds are the events we host, picture day, the book fair, and memberships. 

The secretary’s report by Morgan de Rham 

Meeting notes are up on our website. We are requesting ideas for virtual events for our students. 

Question and answer session with the parents and Dr. Cracco: 

Q-What will lunch look like? 

A- In the classroom, but maintaining outdoor recess by using a spread out playground and keeping the classes together so that the students can still get fresh air and a mask break.

Q-What happens to the students who are learning from home when the other students are in the classroom? 

A-when the Monday and Tuesday group is in school the other group will be streaming from home. 

Q-What happens if there is an increase in COVID-19? 

A- Dr. Cracco was on the health committee and conveyed that the New Rochelle school district doctor will lead decision making on medical matters. 

Q-Will the students have art, music and physical education and library during their in person attendance? 

A- We will be following a “push in” model, so that Italian will be brought into the classroom, art will be brought into the classroom, but physical education will be using the gym and be spaced 12 feet apart or will be going outside. 

Q- will there be cleaning after shared use of the facility by the students? 

A- Yes. 

Q- Will face masks be required? 

A- Yes, all students will be required to wear facemasks but there will be mask breaks and students will increase their “mask stamina” over time. 

Q-What about school supplies? 

A- The list that was sent out to parents is not as extensive as in prior years but each teacher will be alerting parents as to the needs for in-person supplies. Contact the school if there are any problems with school materials not received. 

Q-What types of COVID-19 precautions are in place? 

A-There is a temperature device and hand sanitizing station inside the school, the school will follow all the directives from the superintendent and all protocols regarding contact tracing and being symptom-free prior to entering the school. 

Q-How will drop off and pick up work on days when the students are in person? A- It will be similar to prior years, for example the morning pre-K will drop off on the sidewalk. 

Q: will there be bus transportation? 

A: yes, it will start on October 19th. 

Next Meeting- on Zoom – October 15th @7:30pm.

June 2020- Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2020 Barnard Early Childhood Center PTA Meeting MINUTES via ZOOM

The Meeting was called to order by Kate Mercado, co-president. Attendance was taken and all participants are listed below:

Kate Mercado

Bryan Grossbauer

Rebecca Kramer

Morgan de Rham

Caterina Bonelli

Dr. Nicholas Cracco, Principal

Candice Lee, Assistant Principal

The meeting agenda was shared prior to the meeting and re-posted during the Zoom meeting.

First, Dr. Cracco presented the Principal’s update

-Robo-calls were going out about 2nd grade stepping-up/graduation.

There will be a video of Barnard staff, including the principal and vice principal, sent to the students with a farewell and songs.

-Virtual Visits to the local elementary schools (after Barnard graduation) are sent to the families via Zoom and each school principal will connect virtually to the in-coming Barnard student.

-Arrangements have been made for each student to come to the school to pick-up personal items, classwork, art, projects, left-over items. The schedule for pick-up, arranged by the classroom teacher, is posted on the Barnard website. 

-Students can also drop off books to Mrs. Silverman at the same time. There will be a staff member outside of the school ready to hand out the student’s items to each family.

There was a question about families having students in different classes and hw pick-up would work. Dr. Cracco said that contacting the school, via the front desk, would be best and staff would package all work together to limit the number of trips made to the school.

-The School District will be having a vote on the budget and for open Board member positions. The vote will be by absentee ballot.

-Discussions about re-opening the school in September and the various options for re-opening. The school district and the Superintendent have solicited community feedback and members for various committees. 

-Dr. Cracco will be on a committee working to re-open the school and noted that our schools are full, so there will be capacity-based decisions related to re-opening.

Kate Mercado (Co-president) opened the meeting to nominations for the PTA Board 2020-2021:

Morgan de Rham nominated Kate Mercado for President

Rebecca Kramer nominated Kate Mercado for President

Caterina Bonelli was nominated and accepted the position as the SEPTA Chair and Co-President

Kate Mercado nominated Rebecca Kramer for Treasurer

Morgan de Rham was nominated for and accepted the position as Secretary

There was a quorum established and there was a unanimous vote for the nominees.

The Treasurer’s Report (Bryan Grossbauer):

-The t-shirt mock-up was approved, the t-shirts were going to be delivered on  Friday and set to graduating families. 

-Because of the coronavirus restrictions, there may not be field trips or assemblies next year and our activities/fundraising/school events will be guided by CDC regulations.   There will be socially distant events, possibly more outdoor events.

-Bryan will attend the final school year PTAC meeting and will be a representative for Ward to PTAC during the 2020-2021 year. 

A Motion was made by Morgan de Rham to recognize Bryan Grossbauer’s 6 years of dedication to Barnard and the Barnard PTA.  There will be a ‘celebration/thank-you’ in the fall to recognize his irreplaceable contributions.  

Meeting adjourned.

December 2019 Minutes

PTA December Meeting

Henry Barnard Early Childhood Center

PTA meeting Minutes

Dec. 12,. 2019

Start time: 7:00/End time 8:00

Welcome and Introduction

The PTA co-president Rebecca Kramer commenced the meeting by welcoming the attendees and thanking them for their attendance. 

Principal’s Update

Dr. Cracco informed everyone our special needs students attended the Sensory Circus which the PTA sponsored. It was an absolute success and the students and enjoyed the special experience very much. Kindergarteners attended to Bruce Museum another successful field trip that the PTA sponsored. Dr. Cracco explained that their will be a school spirit day in DEcember and this will consist of a school wide assembly on Art. January’s school spirit day students can wear their school gear or school colors. 

Co-President update

Rebecca Kramer explained the details of the PEnguin Patch Holiday Shop that was set up by co-president Kate MERacado and organized by treasurer Brian Grossbauer. The PTA will get a percentage of the sales from the penguin patch. Students can purchase 25 cents to 12 dollar gifts for friends and family. It will take place De. 10-13 sometime during their school day. She explained that originally the PTA has a book fair at this time but the book fair will still take place but in March. She also mentioned that parents can place orders to receive Barnard Gear. Kramer also said in January we will be having a PTA meeting with the superintendent.

Membership Update

REbecca KRamer reiterated in this meeting that Parents should inform their teaches that if their child’s teacher joins the PTA they will have access PTA grants for their classroom which is an incentive and a win win for everyone. So please encourage your teacher to join. 

Upcoming Events

DEc. 10-13 PTA Holiday PEnguin Shop

Jan. 23, 2020 PTA meeting with Superintendent 6pm

Jan 31, 2020 Movie Night 6:30 pm

Feb. 9, 2020 Breakfast with dads (changed to Feb. 8th at 9 am)

FEb. 13, 2020 PTA meeting 7 pm

November PTA Meeting 2019

PTA November Meeting

Henry Barnard Early Childhood Center

PTA meeting Minutes

Nov. 2019

Start time: 7:00/End time 8:00

Welcome and Introduction

The PTA co-presidents Kate Mercado and Rebecca Kramer commenced the meeting by welcoming the attendees and thanking them for their attendance. 

Principal’s Update

Dr. Cracco informed everyone of Friday’s assembly supporting P.B.IS. (Positive Behavior initiative Supports. The assembly focused on teaching students the importance of kindness and respect. 

Letters to families will go out for any family t Barnard that need food or warm clothing over the holidays. The administration will be reaching out to families soon.

American Education Week is November 22, 2019. Dr. Cracco mentioned to check with teachers about the event happening in your child’s classroom. More information will be provided.

Next FRiday is Barnard school spirit day. Students should wear their Barnard gear of blue and white colors.

Cracco thanked the The Election Day bake sale volunteers. The Bake sale was a success and the donations of food were well received.

Co-President update

Rebecca Kramer participated in the NYS PTA convention. There were various workshops and lectures she attended to learn about communication with schools and parents and generally empowering and educating parents through utilization of your local PTA. Rebecca Kramer also explained possible field trip resources for our teachers and how to enhance our PTA program through teacher involvement. 

Treasurer Update

We raised $1,057 from the Halloween party, $358 from the Election day bake sale, $1402 from Amy’s Greenhouse, Merchandise sales of about $800. We have in savings $14,000

Membership Update

We still need to Improve membership. Suggestions from the group on how to do this included dropping membership fee for a week so families could sign up for free and an emphasis on if a parents pays their 10 dues there is no pressure to volunteer for events. Also, in order to improve teacher membership teachers can receive grants for their classes only is they are part of the PTA. 

Upcoming Events

Friday Nov, 22: Movie night Toy Story 4 is and donations are needed such as nut free snacks and water. Use sign up genius to volunteer.

Tuesday Dec. 10-13Penguin PAtch Holiday Shop. Envelopes will be sent home and students can [lan what gifts they will need for friends and family members. More information is to come and volunteers wil be needed to help run the shop. 

October 2019 Meeting Minutes

PTA October Meeting

Henry Barnard Early Childhood Center

PTA meeting Minutes

October 2019

Start time: 7:00/End time 8:04

Welcome and Introduction

The PTA co-presidents Kate Mercado and Rebecca Kramer commenced the meeting by welcoming the attendees and thanking them for their attendance. 

Dr Cracco’s Update

Dr. Cracco informed everyone about “Home Access Center”. New Rochelle is going digital and parents/guardians can now access their child’s report cards, attendance, and class schedules online. He explained directions and individual passwords were recently sent home explaining in detail the steps on how to access this new program. The program is also available in Spanish. Also, parents from separate or different households will each be able to have access.

Questions for Dr. Cracco

Dr. Cracco answered questions regarding Reading and Math Interventions for Children throughout the year. He also answered questions regarding Pre-K reports cards. They are given out twice a year which is different for K-2. K-2 students receive report cards three times a year.

New Rochelle School Board Update

School Board Rep. Paul ? answered parent questions regarding how to get answers they may have for various questions or how to reach the superintendent. Paul explained you can contact if you have any questions or suggestions for the superintendent. The new Superintendent will be starting November 1st. He added now that interim positions have been filled and the new Superintendent is in place New Rochelle School district is moving in a positive direction. He also answered a question regarding video and surveillance on school buses. NY State recently passed a bill that gives authority to schools to install cameras on buses. The funds though need to funded from each individual district. He ended that is there are programs that we would like to advocate for the best way to get an answer would be to use

Co-Presidents Updates and Upcoming Events

October 19: Pumpkin Patch 

October 25 will be the Halloween Party at 6pm. Children can dress up in costumes. There will be Jemeli’s Pizzeria Pizza, DJ music and craft tables. It’s $5 per child or $10 per child at the door. On Nov. 5 there will be a PTA Bake Sale. A sign up sheet was passed around for volunteers to bring food to sale from 7am-9 am. 

On Nov. 14 is another PTA Meeting. Nov. 22 is Movie Night. WE discussed possible movies to show the children. DEc. 12 is a PTA Meeting. DEc 10-13 will be the PTA Holiday Shop. Gifts will be available for parents and students to purchase. More information will be available as we get closer to the date. Volunteers are still needed for various events. Presidents explained you can sign up on Henry Barnard facebook page sign up genius link to volunteer.

Membership Update and Treasury Update

Our goal is to Improve membership

The budget is 8,793 to fund events and savings 14,180. There are 74 members

Community PresentationUsing a smartboard a tutorial was given by Dr. Cracco and Rebecca Kramer on how to access and navigate the new Home Access Center. Parents must go to Barnard’s homepage at Once there, click on Parents and Community. Then click on Home Access Center.There is also an app available on your smartphone. Select  A district Change to New Rochelle CSD. Enter your Username and password (which is located on the form sent home in your child’s folder.) Select Login. Follow the prompts and it will lead you to your child page where you can view a variety of information such as schedule and progress reports.

September 20th 2018 PTA Meeting Notes

PTA Minutes

September 20th, 2018 / 7:00 pm /Barnard Library

Meeting Adjourned 7:52


Executive Board

Principle- Dr. Cracco

Staff- Kathleen Connolly



Welcome and Introductions

Co-president Bryan Grossbauer began meeting promptly at 7:05. He introduced himself and welcomed everyone. Co- president- Alvard Mayilyan, Vice president- Rebecca Kramer, Treasurer- Senada Omeroric and Secretary – Yesenia Flores all introduced themselves and welcomed all attendees. Parents present, introduced themselves as well. Principle Dr. Cracco, was present and introduced himself to parents along with Pre-K teacher and Amy’s Greenhouse Chair, Kathleen Connolly.


Principles Update

Dr. Cracco stated that he usually will have a topic to talk about during each PTA meeting. Being that school just started there was no specific topic.  He is very enthusiastic about this school year! He also mentioned that for the first time ever, Pre-K classes began on the same day as K-2nd grade classes.

PTA is trying to go Green the whole year during all events. Trying to reduce garbage and make a difference in the environment.

Bryan, also invited and encouraged parents not on board to to become PTA-C reps. PTA council is a group that meets in the high school with all the PTA’s from the district. They advocate for all children in the district.

Amy’s Greenhouse-  Bryan began conversation about Amy’s greenhouse needing parent Reps. Kathleen Connolly followed to say she has been working very hard (along with other staff) to prepare and maintain the greenhouse as an outside classroom. There are many projects she has up-cycled in the greenhouse and currently has a caterpillar/Monarch butterfly exhibit. The 911 ceremony in Amy’s honor was attended by Amy’s mother and community leaders. Second grade students also performed.  Kathleen mentioned that she has received seed donations and start up materials (planting pots) from generous companies. She would like parents to help and become involved in the greenhouse. More information to follow.

Fundraisers such as Charleston Wrap is a major fundraiser for the school. We also rely on Box Tops, Merchandise sale, Book Fair , and Movie Night. Bryan asked for volunteers to Chair fundraisers and events. Fundraisers are need to support field trips and teacher grants. Last year PTA paid for the entire Italian field trip and gave the largest teacher grants.   


Vote for Budget 2018-2019

Budget was proposed and voted on.

Final decision- Approved

All in favor

Treasurer Update

Approved Budget


VP Update

Rebecca Kramer asked parents to make suggestions for new ideas, to give us feedback and for Pre-K parents to be involved. She also suggested that teachers work more closely with PTA.


Secretary Update

Yesenia Flores encouraged Hispanic speaking families to participate. She is willing to translate and would like to see more involvement from families.

Parent posed question as to why Hispanic families are not volunteering.

Factors may include location, language barrier, among others.

After school update

YMCA after school care  was cancelled due to low enrollment

Membership Chair Update

Carla Vanerio is the new membership chair. Membership is low. Dr. Cracco said that Barnard represents all the demographics of the New Rochelle School system (socio-economic). How can we break down barriers? All have equal access? Barnard PTA wants all backgrounds to be represented and PTA fights and advocates for all our children to get the best!


Upcoming Events

  1. Movie Night- 09/28/18 Coco @6:30
  2. Pumpkin Patch- 10/13/18  10:00-2:00

We need volunteers to unload donated pumpkins

during event and for the costume parade, pumpkin painting,

and  snack sale.

Sign up!

       3) Halloween Party-10/26/18 6:00-8:00


Open Positions

PTA-C, Event Chairs, Book Fair & Apple Press


May 10th 2018 PTA Minutes

PTA Meeting Minutes, Thursday, May 10, 2018

Prior meeting minutes approved.

The meeting began at 7:30 pm with a welcome from Barnard PTA President Bryan Grossbauer.

An introduction and presentation was made by the candidates present who had been nominated to the various positions.  The election was held after a quorum was met for the 2018-2019 Barnard PTA Executive Board. The following individuals were elected by the membership:

Bryan Grossbauer/Alvard Mayilan: Co-Presidents

Rebecca Kramer: Vice President

Senada Kocan: Treasurer

Yesenia Flores: Secretary

Bryan Grossbauer provided a summary of upcoming PTA and Barnard events including Grandparents Day, Movie Night, Amy’s Greenhouse Mother’s Day Plant Sale.  

A call for volunteers/chairpersons was made for Field Day, June Carnival, Second Grade Picnic and Second Grade Graduation.  

Upcoming Events/Dates to Remember:

May 12: Amy’s Greenhouse Mother’s Day Plant Sale

May 18: Movie Night – Ferdinand 6:30 to 8:30 pm

May 24: Field Day

June 3: Carnival

June 7: PTA Meeting

June 15: Second Grade Picnic

June 19: Second Grade Graduation