February 2015

February PTA Meeting Minutes

2/4/15 7:30pm

Christina Carino-Forrest, Ming Augustine, Karen Gray, Liz Galeano, Lisa Tung, Dierdra Clark, Mary DePaolo

Movie Night – Success! Raised about $1300. Discussion of whether another Movie Night should be planned. Need volunteers to do again.

Nomination Committee – Karen advised that Committee needs to be formed in Marh made up of 3 people (only one of which can be a current board member). Nominations need to be done 60 days before elections in May.

Discussion of bylaws vs policy and procedure. A field tip funding policy to be authored and submitted to the school . No need to change or add to bylaws.

Images Photography – Fall was a success and made some money. Spring dates have been changed, but Spring and Fall dates are set for next year.

PTA Council Report – Karen advised that Septa is willing to train after school program instructors if needed. This year will be a tough budget year.

After School – Begins the Thursday after Spring Break and runs through Memorial Day. Outside vendors will be used due to lack of funds from the district. Fee will change to $65. Must be self insured and fingerprinted through the Teach America system. Christina to provide Lisa and Dierdra with a sample contract asking for this information. Vendors that are being used have been recommended from other schools and districts and will include chess, beading, sports, dance and cheerleading. Online sign up forms will be used. A paypal account was discussed as collecting payments is time consuming but management of a paypal account in the past has proved difficult. Karen volunteered to assist with the payment collection. Kindergarten will not be included in after school programs.

Carnival- Mary to work on donations as well as Jasmine who coordinated last year. Flyer to be sent home inviting all incoming prek students. Dierdra and Lisa will follow same guidelines as last year with very few changes. Suggestion made for more obstacle course bounce houses to move traffic.

Box Tops – Info needed on winners of Fall. Submission deadline is Feb 13th. Flyers to go home in backpacks 2/6 as well as eblast.

Google Drive – Liz to upload docs and minutes she has to the barnardschoolpta drive.

Book Fair – We still have boxes that have not been picked up. Scholastic advised this is for us to keep for next year however we do not have room for storage. Ming to contact.

100 Days – Ming to find out when the 100th day is as it keeps moving due to snow. Mary to contact HOPE for list of suggested donation items. Liz to create flyer for backpacks about food drive. Liz and Ming to set up box in Main Foyer.

Chocolate Spring Fundraiser – Many different opinions were expressed on selling chocolate. It has a large profit margin and parents can decide whether or not to participate. Christina has decided to move forward with this. For every box sold, the student will receive a lotto ticket for an ipad mini. Christina to work on order form and reminder flyer.
Healthy Living Week – Michelle was not in attendance for a report but Mary is trying to secure donations. Fruit and Veggie Bingo to be played in each class. Liz advised to contact the Registered Dietician at Shop Rite.

Modells – Barnard has teamed up with Modells for Team Weeks. Each student will receive 5 coupons to Modells for 3/20-4/16. 15% off total purchase including sale. Coupons are reusable. Liz to email coupons as well. Goal is to get each student to pass along 4 coupons to family and friends. PTA will receive 5% cash back.

Merchandise Sale – success! Need to reorder tshirts for field day. $700 raised.
10:15 meeting adjourned