January 2015

PTA Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2015 7pm

Christina Carino-Forrest, Ming Augustine, Michelle Paduto-Pappas, Liz Galeano, Kim Castellano, Michelle Blaustein, Yadira Ramos-Herbert, Kim Florin, Mercy Clement, Eddie Contreras, Joanna Genovese, Dr. Lori Pisani, Dr. Brian Osborn

Movie Night – Due to equipment in the library, there will be no overflow tickets sold. The auditorium has 419 capacity. Tickets will be capped and sold first come first serve. Liz Galeano will compose an email to parents and send to Mrs. Genovese to advise of the cap.
– Need to check with Joanie and request the AV cart and projector. Need to check permit to see if clean up was requested
– Pop corners chips and water to be purchased. Christina and Michelle to coordinate. Water can be stored outside of school to remain cold.

Secretary report – Kia does not have any folders. They must be emailed to her and Liz to upload to google drive and the flash drive.

Images Photos – Fall success. Spring dates have changed. Mrs. Genovese has the dates.

Field Trips – Mrs. Genovese to contact her department heads for information.

Membership – Liz reported a mid year stall but hopes for more members during merchandise and movie night as discounts are available for members.

Merchandise sale – to run through January with no hard end date. Email blast with order forms sent home and backpack flyers in teachers mailboxes 1/13. Ming to assist.

Constant Contact – need more email addresses to reach more parents. Liz will set up sign up sheet at Movie Night. If eblasts need to be sent, compose email including attachments and links and send to Liz.

2nd grade yearbook – Liz to assist Jenn in obtaining help from parents.

Staff Breakfast – Teachers enjoyed and were appreciative

Ideas for Spring Fundraiser – Liz to research read-a-thon as it promotes literacy and supports the mission of Barnard. Other schools have had unprecented success. Candy Bar sales – Kim Florin to research World’s Finest.

After School Clubs – Spring, we will not be using teachers. An outside provider will be used to facilitate. The cost per child is $50, but we will charge $65 to make up fall defecit and pay Tony and the coordinator. Lost over $1000 in the fall. Discussion about making scholarships available for those that cannot afford the increase. Dr. Pisani recommended marketing the use of a professional outside provider as a way to minimize the hit of the price increase.

Indoor Recess – need supplies. Dr. Pisani to look at boxes in gym labeled PTA recess. Legos have been requested.

Dr. Brian Osborn – Superintendent of Schools

What does it mean that Barnard is a Magnet School for Early Childhood? What makes us unique and indeed a magnet?

The district is currently in a transition phase. They are striving towards district continuity which conflicts with magnets. They are looking into how to achieve this continuity while maintaining magnet status.

FLES – Dr. Osborn supports world language. He advised that the tax cap and recession budgeting has effected multi year program plans as well as the demands of the common core. Mrs. Genovese reported that all classes at Barnard will receive Italian next school year.

Italian CILA – much discussion. This year the 2nd grade will graduate to Jefferson and continue to Albert Leonard. There will be an assessment policy for all those entering CILA going forward. This policy is currently being reviewed.

Open houses for all schools suggested. Dr. Osborn was thankful for this information and suggestion. He agreed that open houses should be held for all schools so that parents may make informed decisions and not rely on what other parents say. This has led to fear and anxiety for some parents sending their children to Isaac. The open houses would allow parents to make an informed decision.

Question about boundaries and lotteries creating race separation in New Rochelle. Dr. Osborn shared the sentiment that all children should have the same opportunities.

Report Cards – Dr. Osborn has not reviewed elementary report cards but described them as progress reports that reflect the common core standards. They are not graded but assessed on their progress toward the end of year expectations.