November Minutes 2015

Barnard PTA Meeting Minutes

November 12th, 2015

7:30pm – Barnard Library



Deidra Clark – President

Mary DiPaolo – Vice President

Roulla Kousteris – Treasurer

Lisa Tung – Secretary

Liz Galeano – Membership Chair

Mrs. Genovese – Principal

Mrs. Staropoli – Teacher Representative




7:32pm Meeting Began

Introductions of all participants, age of children, teachers.


Update from the Principal – Upcoming Events:

1st Grade literacy night – 20 parents signed off

Mille’s Retirement Party

19th – Dr Osbourne discussion on the Capital Bond project, New Rochelle residents vote on Dec 15th.

American Education Week 19th/20th – parents to visit the classroom.


Future PTA opportunities:

Mindset –  Carol Dweck – all teachers are currently doing a book study.

Do we want to have a meeting discussing the book.

Consistency between teachers and parents on ways to communicate with the children.


Membership/Merchandise Update:

Membership is overall down so far this year as compared to last year

Sign up via website

Merchandise available for sale – sweatshirts, hair ties, magnets


Events Update:

Halloween  –

After School – 85 of 140 slots filled. Need Co-Chair for Spring

RIF – Reinstated after prior years of budgetary constraints, thanks for Vicki R and Mrs. Block.

PreK and K classes, Theme – 3 Little Pigs.

Distribution day is Dec 1st and 2nd in the library.

This is a Parent Driven Event, where parents read to the kids, and Act out the books.

Funding is received from DC – National Program up to Age 8.

Fall Fundraiser – $5k net

Holiday Reception – Deidre to host at her house, open to ALL PTA members, Dec 3rd 6-8pm


Treasurer Update:

Field Trips – PreK had in school Apple Cidar event, Library visit coming up

  • 1st Grade – planned trip
  • 2nd Grade – off site trip to be decided.


Fund Raising Ideas:

Square one art fundraiser – was done in the past. Each child gets a sticker for their artwork.  33-38% project income for PTA. Target Mother’s Day/Fathers’ Dy.

Sponsor a Cheetah – PTA to help Sponsor a cheetah.


Volunteer Needs



2nd Grade Picnic – Liz G and Ming A to volunteer.


Thank you to Christy Barrios for volunteering to provide translation services for all PTA correspondence.


Q&A Session


Meeting Adjourned – 8:32

Next meeting is Dec 10th, 9:00am