October 2015

PTA Meeting Minutes

Thursday October 8, 2015

Attendees: Dierdra Clark, Mary DePaolo, Joanna Genovese, parents

Start time 9am

Welcome and Introductions

Update from the Principal – school year off to a wonderful start.  PreK is in session and becoming accustomed to school.

Sadly, Staff member Yolanda Blanco passed away.  Staff is grieving.  The PTA sent flowers and condolences.

Mrs.  Genovese to work with Superintendant Dr. Brian Osborne to create a Barnard 2.0 Committee to expand the draw of the magnet. As Barnard is no longer a Reggio Emilio school and has adapted to district and common core standards, we need to stand out in a different way to continue to be a true Magnet school. More information to follow as this progresses.

Membership update – Off to a slow start but other schools have seen similar results.  It could be in part to the NYS mandate of membership online.  We will continue our process and begin to send paper membership forms home as well as a letter to teachers and staff encouraging them to become members.

Reading is Fundamental – Crystal Teixera, Parent Rep for RIF advised that this program has been funded by a grant received by Vivki Rashbaum.  PreK and K will receive 3 books throughout the year as well as be part of parent led readings and performances of books. PTA can assist by informing parents of the program.  Questions about RIF? Contact Crystal crisy12287@aol.com

Fall Fundraiser – is underway and ALL are encouraged to participate as this is our largest fundraiser. Tell family and friends!

Pumpkin Patch- Millie is organizing and planning a fun event.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer. Contact Millie with questions.

Election Day Bake Sale – need chairs – kids do not have school. Old flyers are available to update and send home.

After School – final email blast to be sent home as registration is coming to a close.  Cristy Barrios is doing a fabulous job. Discussion of adding Kindergarten students in the spring. Numbers now are 67 out of 158 = good.

Halloween Dance Party- Liz and Mary are coordinating.  Things moving along nicely.  We need volunteers to work the actual event.  Flyers to go home next week. Mrs. Genovese to advise staff that they are invited to the dance along with their families at no charge.

Things to remember – When asking for an email blast, please be sure to CC Joanie as this will help if Mrs. Genovese is off site as well as keep office staff in the loop.

Please use www.barnardpta.org as an informative tool. The website has all board member contact information as well as upcoming event information.

Meeting adjourned 10am