September 2015

Barnard PTA Meeting Minutes

Sept 17th, 2015
7:30pm – Barnard Library


Deidra Clark – President
Mary DiPaolo – Vice President
Roulla Kousteris – Treasurer
Lisa Tung – Secretary
Liza Galeno – Membership Chair
Mrs. Genovese – Principal
Mrs. Staropoli – Teacher Representative


7:31pm Meeting Began
Introductions of all participants, age of children, teachers.

Presidents Welcome Message
Barnard includes all families in the community
Encourage all memberships to do whatever they can to participate, open to ideas, suggestions, concerns and joys.


School year 2014-2015 we did very well on fund raising.
Spent $47,000
Budget reflects needs of the PTA organization
Purchased refrigerator for the teachers lounge
Upcoming Events- Fall Fund Raiser, After school

Principals Message – 13 points
Stove needed for the Teachers Lounge – can be utilized for after school program
Bus Arrival/Dismissal all now enter from the front of the building
Pick up from Auditorium
Barnard has students from Homeless Shelter, need PTA support, provide non perishable snacks
Principal Coffee Friday 9/18- Intervention Process
Literacy Night Intervention– 2nd Week in Oct
Grande 2 – Parent math Night Oct 20th
Grade 1 – Literacy Night Nov 17th
Kindergarten Fundations Night – Jan
COWs – Computers on Wheels pilot program in Barnard, 2nd graders, 25 chrome books,
Homework – Online process, RAZ kids, Dream box , log ins to be sent home week of Sept 28th
Teachers – Book Study on Mind Set
Professional Development for teachers for K, 1, 2 once a month on literacy, Enumeracy 3x a year.
Back to School night Thursday Sept 24th, 6:30 auditorium. Cirriculum in auditorium 20-25 min in the classroom.

NYS PTA membership
All memberships can now be done online.
Discounts to local stores, ie Staples, Stop & Shop, etc
National membership supports advocacy on local, state and national level, ie. Seat belts on buses.

Volunteers needed for upcoming events.

PTA to look into additional programs, ie Labels for Education (Kellog), Recycle program with Little Bites, Capri Sun. Additional programs, ie Target, Shop Rite.

After School Program – Cristy Barrios/Sara Odell
1st and 2nd graders, Oct 27th to Dec 10th

Halloween Dance Part – need volunteers to run.
Election Day Bake Sale – no school for students, able to sell more items.
District Wellness Committee – healthy food campaign, Mr. Cohen’s Fun Fitness Friday, birthday parties in classroom, ie cupcakes with additional healthy option.
Book Fair – March, 1 week, partnership with Scholastic requires 2-3 volunteers
Carnival – First week of June, need chair
Bike Safety Program – sponsored by AAA. Judy Badillo, teacher rep. Need parent Volunteer

Q&A Session


Meeting Adjorned – 8:41
Next meeting is Oct 8th 9:30am