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October 2017 Minutes

Henry Barnard Early Childhood Center
PTA Meeting Minutes
Thursday, October 12, 2017
Start time: 7:33 p.m. / End Time: 8:17 p.m.
Welcome and Introductions
The PTA President, Bryan Grossbauer, commenced the meeting by welcoming the
attendees and thanking them for their attendance. He also informed everyone that
Barnard PTA’s by-laws were present and available for those interested in reviewing it.
He then welcomed our special guests, Susan Moorhead and Ed Roddy, from the New
Rochelle Public Library.
Community Presentation
Ms. Moorhead and Mr. Roddy gave a presentation to the committee sharing with the
group all the great events, programs and free services that the New Rochelle Public
Library (“NRPL”) offers; such as: free passes to various museums, homework assistance
by Monroe College students at the main library, arts program every Monday at Huguenot
Children’s library by the high school honors students. They also discussed the upgraded
NRPL website which provides access to all the events, calendars and services being
offered at the libraries. They also informed the committee that eBooks are available to
use on tablets at home and that students and adults have access to computer stations as
well at the library. They encouraged parents to register for a free library card which will
allow them access to all the library services. The PTA President then thanked the invited
guests for such a wonderful and informative presentation.
President’s Update
Mr. Grossbauer, then gave a recap to the committee on the PTA’s Movie Night, which
was held the prior week, Friday, October 6, 2017. He shared with the committee that it
was a great turnout and the childrern enjoyed watching Smurfs, The Lost Village. He
also encouraged parents to sign up and volunteer as a Committee Chair for the various
events coming up this school year. | Also Follow us on Henry Barnard School PTA Facebook Page
Treasurer update
Mr. Grossbauer gave an update on the Treasurer’s behalf and informed the committee
that the PTA accounts were in good standing.
VP Update
Ms. Mayilyan greeted the members and also encouraged everyone to sign up and
volunteer for the various PTA events.
Secretary update
Ms. Mateus also greeted the committee members and encouraged them to volunteer for
the PTA events. She went on to explain to the committee the importance of their
involvement to ensure that all the children at Barnard have a wonderful and enriched
school year.
Afterschool Update
Mr. Grossbauer reminded the committee members that the YMCA – is the after
school program that is being offered this school year to Barnard Parents. Details
regarding the program are posted on the Barnard PTA website. Additional questions
regarding the afterschool program should be directed to the YMCA.
Membership Update
Mr. Grossbauer was delighted to inform the committee that there were 73 members that
registered with the PTA, thus far. He encouraged parents to join the PTA if they had not
done so already by signing up at the end of the meeting with a Board member or via
internet at
Upcoming events
-Pumpkin Patch – 10/14, 10:00 a.m.
-Halloween Party – 10/27, 6:00 p.m.
-PTA Bake Sale – 11/ 7, 7-9am
-PTA Meeting – 11/16, 7pm (EARLIER START TIME) | Also Follow us on Facebook